Why I’m leaving Facebook.

I’m quitting my Facebook account May 17.

Over the next week or so I’ll make sure people are given alternate ways of contacting me in my post FB days.

While I believe it’s acceptable for organizations to collect and use comprehensive personal data from individuals, they must do it in a way that 1. gives individuals fair choices to decide how that data is used, and 2. is done with the intent of serving the best interests of current (and future) society as a whole.

Since Facebook is not doing either of these (and is in fact heading rapidly in the other direction), I’m no longer interested in maintaining a presence of any type on the site. If a company doesn’t consider information sustainability in their designs, they are not creating any long term value for humanity.

Facebook is a website; it’s NOT the web - and I have a choice about MY data. I doubt my act of quitting will compel many others to leave, but my present (and future) friends, family and peers can know that I cared about my data - and if you know how Facebook works, their data too.

At this point I’d rather use 4chan to connect with my family and friends than Facebook. It might be full of pictures of prolapsed anuses and Japanese cartoon porn, but at least it has tripcodes and a healthy dialog (based in action, not words) around the evolving nature of online identity and privacy.

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